Meet the Groomers


Hello! My name is Dawn Snethen  I am a born and raised South Dakota girl who moved to Ohio 7yrs ago to work for a great grooming company, Muddy Mutts.  I have 35 years of experience grooming dogs and worked at  several grooming salons but none have compared to the wonderful company I work for now. I also have the privilege of grooming exclusively for our Mobile Grooming service.  Would love to come and provide some TLC for your beloved pet!


Hi! I'm the manager here at Muddy Mutts. I found my passion for grooming at Live Oaks when I was still in high school. I love working with poodles and doodles, and I also enjoy working with cats. I have two Chinese Cresteds and a Standard Poodle, and I enjoy spending my free time with them and my fiance at home.  


Hi! I am Tami and the proud owner of Muddy Mutts.  After teaching for seven years in Houston, Texas, I returned home to Cincinnati to follow my dream of opening my own grooming salon. After working for a corporate grooming salon for two years, I decided in 2008 to open Muddy Mutts Mobile Grooming. In 2014, I expanded the business and opened a state-of-the-art grooming salon with a fabulous team of groomers and bathers.   I enjoy grooming all breeds, but have an affinity for golden retrievers and terriers, especially Westies. I have two daughters and enjoy spending my free time with my family, traveling, and golfing. 


Hello! I have been a dog groomer since late 2010. I could never select a favorite type of dog, as I love working with all breeds. If I had to pick a favorite breed trim, however, it would be the Airedale Terrier. I have a good deal of experience working with everything from puppies, to nervous dogs and senior pets. My goal is to take the best possible care of each pet I am able to work with. When not working, I am blessed to spend time with my 3 dogs, 2 cats, husband, and daughter. I am so grateful to be able to say that I thoroughly love what I do!


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I was born in Cincinnati and have lived in the area my whole life. I have two dogs, a Jack Russell named Daisy and a Great Pyrenees named Clyde. I also have some smaller critters - a few lizards and a pair of sugar gliders. I’ve been grooming since 2011 and joined the Muddy Mutts family in 2018. My favorite breed to groom is the Bichon Frisé!


Hi! I have been grooming for 5 years now. I've always been an animal lover and an artist, and dog grooming let's me have both in my life!

Growing up, my family has always had dogs in the home, all different kinds. I love learning each dogs personality and what makes them unique.

I love working with all breeds of dogs; from little fluffy shih tzus to big furry doodles. I just want to make them all comfortable and beautiful!


My name is Madeline and I've been working here since October of 2014! I am a graduate from Live Oaks and I love working with animals. I have 2 pets of my own - a dog and a cat. I, myself, groom your bath-only dogs and I bathe the groomers dogs as well!